After his very successful first collection showed in Paris during last Couture week, Bono Van Peursem decided to come back with a very new powerful collection. Introducing his Spring-Summer 2019 collection named ́Drowning in Sequins ́.

The upcoming Dutch designer took his inspiration from one of nature’s most mesmerizing offerings;

The process of minerals transforming into crystals.
The way how something so softly can change in something very strong and structured. A process that takes time and patience. Especially intrigued by the rose quartz, its beautiful colors and its deep meaning.

Protecting everything that is vulnerable.
As Bono Van Peursem sees his women as very strong creatures ready to conquer the world. He loves the idea that the rose quartz crystal pieces will protect the women against her own insecurities or vulnerabilities while wearing the pieces.

Through the collection, you will see the minerals flowing over dresses starting with soft drape silhouettes, dripping of in fring-es while slowly transforming in tear drop crystals. Slowly transforming into more textured crystalized pieces.
Crystals forming a cage around the minerals. Using the most luxurious satins du soi/duchess, lurex hand embroidered fab-rics, sequins and ostrich feathers hand dyed in to the most beautiful rose tones.