Couturier Bono van Peursem revealed his first collection ´Desire´ during Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris, France. The upcoming Dutch designer took his inspiration from his own desires. While staring at a picture of style icon Claudia Schiffer he recognized ´desire´ in her facial expression. The picture made him start thinking of his own desires in life. The list was long and he questioned himself if he might desire too much…? That´s why his collection is called ´Desire´. One can never desire too much because once you achieved everything you ever wanted it means your life is over….
Ongoing desire is the message in the collection by Bono van Peursem. His aim is to fulfil desires of beauty by offering his clientele Haute Couture that makes them feel sensationally beautiful and more sophisticated.  In his collection the designer plays with lines that create a pattern together. But will the patterns be finished? At some point the lines will stop where other lines will continue. This is how the designer sees life; where one desire stops another desire takes over. Every line and so every desire will have its own journey. Where will it go, what will it do, who will it meet….and will it ever be finished? The answer is it won´t be finished but will it make the outcome so far less beautiful or less worth it?
Desire for beautiful things and the interplay of lines are highlighted throughout the collection. Handmade embroideries, meters of tulle, the continuation of lines and exceptional fabrics predominate. That one can never desire too much is told through the extraordinary details of a mystic black dress that includes more than 100 meters of tulle layered with crinoline. It took the designer over 200 hours to create this masterpiece. The seductive never ending trail creates its own story of desire. For his fur pieces the designer collaborated with Furlab*. A Tibetan lambs fur coat continues the story of the never ending lines showcasing a sharp V line for the neck. The coat is created by using different but carefully selected pieces to create the right depth and bringing out the variety in colors.